What Has The History of Ice Cream Got to Do With Carnation Milk?

The "History of Ice Cream" can be traced right back to 1916 when Carnation Milk was used in ice cream making.

Back in the 19th Century around august 1915-1916 Carnation was so popular amongst many families so much so that they used it in almost every recipe they could think of.

Have you ever tasted Carnation milk?

Well let me tell you it is very sweet, creamy and almost syrup like liquid. I remember at the age of 7, my stepmother used Carnation milk in baking and cooking. I used to love just drinking it straight from the tin but, eventually got so sick of the taste that I have not touched it since.

In 1916 Carnation milk became great discovery in San Francisco in almost every household. Suddenly people had milk that could last a few months and families began to stock their pantries with a few months supply of Carnation milk.

In August of 1916, thousands of people took the opportunity to visit the San Fransisco Exposition to see a working model of the Carnation condensary which was responsible for producing the milk. There they could see every step in the production of Carnation Milk and enjoyed it whipped, in chocolate and coffee, in ice cream and candies, salad dressings, etc. They learned at first hand of the purity, versatility economy and safety of using Carnation milk.

What Carnation Milk Is

The "History of Ice Cream" is thus said to have some connection to Carnation Milk. Carnation Milk is just pure, sweet, fresh, cows' milk, brought to the consistency of cream by evaporation. Hermetically sealed and sterilized, its high, quality remains unchanged, and it is absolutely safe from contamination. It gives ice cream an exquisite flavour which was then used as a after dinner desert. Carnation milk was sold in two sizes "tall tin" and "small tin" and most grocers usually can supply both sizes.


Shelly Slader said...

I want my own personal ice cream machine in my house so bad! I might be the biggest ice cream lover that has ever existed. My husband knows better than to buy one for me, though.

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"History of Ice Cream" has taken me on a journey of great discovery said the queen of "Telemarketing"

"I LOVE Ice Cream" - The distinctive different flavours is your guarantee purity and richness when you solve your milk problem for Ice Cream making for good by using Carnation milk

Clean – Sweet – Pure - from Contented Cows

You lick your lips, lick the ice cream off the dish, and did not hesitate to ask for more.

Yes, we all love it. It's as delicious in a cone as it is in a dish.